Protocode 2022

Speaker 1

Microsoft Technical Community had successfully organized its first offline tech-event after the covid pandemic under the name “ProtoCode” which laid emphasis on grooming and enhancing the coding skills of young tech enthusiasts. It was a two-day event conducted on 11th and 12th April 2022 where tech enthusiasts from the entire UPES family were encouraged to participate. The first day of this tech-event had a workshop organized specially to clear the core basics of programming languages C and C++ .This workshop was headed by Mr. Aditya Kumar, who is the Internal Operations Director of MTC. He explained the core topics and concepts of these two languages to depth and made sure to clear the doubts of every participant. The second day witnessed a coding competition event, which was open to all the tech enthusiasts.

The workshop began with discussing the basic topics from scratch. Some of which included:

  • Basic Commands
  • Datatype and variable
  • Functions and recursions
  • Array and strings
  • Pointers and addresses
  • Structures and loop statements.

It was our immense pleasure to hear that participants loved the session and encouraged us to conduct more session like this. Participants of the workshop were thankful for bringing up this session before the exams which helped them revise the topics again. Certificate of Participation was also provided to the attendees. Mr. Aditya Kumar Sir explained the topics much perfectly and guided his juniors. The coding competition was mentored by the core committee and the participants were given access to the platform. Participants could answer those questions in any coding Language for which eased them. The participants of the competition who finished in top 3 were given electronic gadgets and the rest 15 were given the frisco vouchers. In all, it was a great success and we look forward to add more stars to our Microsoft Technical Community.

Knowledge has an incredible power of shaping our identities and our actions. It is the moment when we discover that we are not just one fixed personality, but a series of people who wake up according to the challenge we are facing. Therefore, keep on buckle down and attempt to take part in progressively such beneficial occasions to build up a new adventure.