Microsoft Technical Community had organized an interactive and informative session named BASIC OF CLOUD COMPUTING. On Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., a 1-1/2-hour session was held. The session focused on covering the fundamentals of cloud computing as well as demonstrating the benefits of it in the future. If you are considering cloud computing as a specialization, you will have a better understanding of why cloud computing is a good choice to pursue shortly after attending this workshop. Mr. Vishal Gupta, MTC's Managerial Director, is currently an undergraduate student at (UPES Dehradun) pursuing B. Tech- Computer Science with a specialization in (cloud computing and virtualization technologies) He is the one, who conducted the session. The best thing was that this seminar was open to everyone, not just UPES students but to other college students as well, It was attended by around 119 people. Microsoft Teams served as the event's platform. The goal of this session was to provide some insight into cloud computing. And the following topic that was covered was: -
• What is Cloud?
• Cloud Computing compared to traditional techniques
• Characteristics of cloud
• Cloud services models
• Cloud Deployment models
The first event in January 2022 was a complete success since all of the workshop participants were content and delighted with the knowledge that they gained in the workshop about cloud computing. Those who attended the workshop will get a Certificate of Participation, as promised. The workshop was well-organized and structured, with the focus being to respond to the attendees' questions. Our MTC's Managerial Director, Mr. Vishal Gupta, was welcomed and respected by everybody for sharing his significant expertise. Overall, it was a fantastic workshop, and we look forward to hosting more of them in the future, as well as helping our Microsoft technical community reach new heights. Knowledge has an incredible power of shaping our identities and our actions. It is the moment when we discover that we are not just one fixed personality, but a series of people who wake up according to the challenge we are facing. Therefore, keep on buckle down and attempt to take part in progressively such beneficial occasions to build up a new adventure.