Quarantine Programmer

Speaker 1

Microsoft Technical Community had organized an online technical event named Quarantine Programmer. It served as an opportunity for students of UPES as well as of other campuses from different states to improve their coding skills. It focussed on coding techniques of students on any language C, C++, Java, Python. Not only this, but, a Donation Drive was also conducted along with this event. The amount from this event was donated towards covid-19 sufferers. The registration fees for non-MTC members was Rs.30 and free for MTC members. Around 350 students participated in this event.

About Event:

  • The platform for the event was HackerRank.
  • The event started at 11 AM sharp on 12th April.
  • The competition consisted of 3 problem statements, each of 50 marks
  • The time allotted for this 3 problems was 90 minutes.
  • The three programs could be done in any programming language
  • Points were marked according to the execution of different codes in each program
  • Certificates were provided by Microsoft Technical Community to the participants

It was a great thought to combine a Technical Event with a Donation Drive so as to put some attention towards coding skills as well as to contribute and help the people in need with some donation. It was also an introduction to HakerRank for some who found a platform for their coding skills to improve. Also with the end of this event, students were well aware of their development in the field of coding. Software, Hardware, Design, Recognition, Data mining, Research in every field coding is a must. every field coding is a must. Keeping social distancing in mind, it served a perfect medium for the coders to know more and more.