Microsoft Technical Community organized an interactive and informative workshop on one of the fastest growing IT domains: Cyber Security. The event was named “We care Security” which took place between 11am and 1pm. It was conducted through Microsoft Teams. It was the second event of MTC this year, more than 100 enthusiastic students from various different colleges including UPES joined the session. The session covered the basics of cyber security and common misconceptions related to it. Our Speaker of the event was Mr. Ritesh Singal who is the former vice president of MTC and is also a student mentor. Sir’s Presence and guidance helped the participants to clear their doubts about Cyber security. The session began with discussing the importance of cyber security in IT sector, it focused the following topics:
• Importance Of Cyber Security in Computer Science
• Significance of Security
• Differentiating between cyber security and hacking
• CIA triad
• Grey and Black hat
• Red blue purple team
• Website Testing and Owasp
• Network testing and Networking
• Brief introduction to Kali
• Importance of platforms such as Try Hack me and hack the box
It was our immense pleasure to hear that participants loved the session and encouraged us to conduct more sessions like this in the future. Participants were given a feedback form after the end of the session and they provided much positive feedback that motivated us. A Certificate of Participation was provided to those who attended the full session. The event was more like an interaction session in which Mr. Ritesh Singal Sir shared his experience in the field and also, he motivated participants to interact and clear their doubts. He encouraged Participants to explore the cyber security field. In all, it was a huge success and we look forward to add more stars to our Microsoft Technical Community. Knowledge has an incredible power of shaping our identities and our actions. It is the moment when we discover that we are not just one fixed personality, but a series of people who wake up according to the challenge we are facing. Therefore, keep on buckle down and attempt to take part in progressively such beneficial occasions to build up a new adventure.